PRESS RELEASE      02. 12. 2021


Bratislava, 2 December, 2021 – SkyToll built and on 1 December 2021 successfully launched an electronic vignette system in Slovenia. From yesterday, drivers in Slovenia can use convenient online payment for motorway charges through a system similar to the Slovak one. SkyToll has built, implemented and tested the new electronic vignette system within 188 days of signing the contract and caught up on the delays that the entire project suffered as a result of the need to settle the objections of unsuccessful tenderers.

Under the contract, SkyToll is delivering to Slovenia a technologically advanced system for the payment and enforcement of electronic vignettes, which replaces the traditional windscreen-mounted motorway stickers, which have been used for the last 13 years. Since yesterday, not only drivers from Slovenia but especially millions of drivers heading to the Adriatic every year for summer holidays can use simple online payment.

This is another significant success for SkyToll in the implementation of national toll systems. Already in 2010, it launched a satellite toll system in Slovakia; in 2016, it launched an electronic vignette payment system in Slovakia. In December 2019, it delivered its technological solution to the Czech Republic, where together with the Czech company CzechToll it carried out the worldwide first generational replacement of the microwave toll system for lorries with a cutting-edge satellite solution.

„The system delivered by SkyToll has proven itself out of a number of implemented projects and belongs to the technological top globally. Our team demonstrated another perfect implementation, when they were able to build and commission the system in a really short period of 188 days. Slovenia, in cooperation with SkyToll, has commissioned a system that is reliable and that will increase the comfort of both domestic drivers and drivers only passing through Slovenia,” said Matej Okáli, the CEO and the Chairman of the Board of SkyToll.

The Slovenian motorway company DARS signed a contract with SkyToll for the development and operation of the electronic vignette system on 27 May 2021. SkyToll won the tender procedure with a bid of EUR 15.7 million (excluding VAT) for developing the system and five years of technological support.

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