PRESS RELEASE      16. 01. 2023


Bratislava, 16 January 2023 – Toll collection for the National Motorway Company reached the amount of €16.82 mil. in December 2022, which is 3% less than in December 2021. For all of 2022, the toll collection reached €240.66 million. Compared to 2021, the toll collection was 4.4% higher. Since the commissioning of the comprehensive service of electronic toll collection in 2010, the total amount of toll collection reached €2,492.03 million. A toll discount for all of 2022 was granted in 70,048 cases, of which 50,935 were from Slovakia. Vehicle operators were granted a total discount of €4.38 mil., of which €3.66 mil. were provided to vehicle operators registered in Slovakia. Compared to the discounts provided in 2021, this is a total increase of 2% and an increase of 1.2% for vehicles registered in Slovakia.

The specified sections of motorways and expressways earned €11.89 million on toll collection in December 2022. During the same period, the specific sections of 1st category roads earned €4.92 million. Of the total amount of the tolls collected for December, foreign vehicle operators paid 50.2%. The day with the highest toll collection in the monitored month was December 8th, with a collected amount of €962,562. In December, the specified road sections were used by an average of 31,158 unique vehicles over 3.5 t per day. Compared to November, it was 542 vehicles less.

For all of 2022, the toll collection for using specified sections of motorways and expressways reached the amount of €166.75 million. The specified sections of 1st category roads earned €73.9 million for the whole year. Operators of vehicles registered abroad paid 49.3% of the annual toll collection. Among the foreign users of the specified road sections the highest amount in 2022, just as in the previous years, was paid by vehicles from Poland (19.8%), followed by the Czech Republic (6.9%) and Hungary (5.7%). In the breakdown of revenues according to the payment mode, the highest collection was in the prepay mode with a share of 53.5% of the total annual amount. Also in 2022, the operators of lorries in the weight category over 12 t with two axles had the highest share of the annual toll collection, which paid €197.72 million, representing 82.2% of the total amount. In terms of emission classes the biggest share of toll collection (91.3%) was achieved by vehicles of the EURO V, VI and EEV class with €219.39 million. The day with the highest collection for the whole year was 30 August 2022, with the amount of €1.03 million. It was the highest collection per one day since the launch of the comprehensive service of electronic toll collection. 

As at 31 December 2022 there were 308,030 OBUs registered in the electronic toll system. Of this figure, 76.5% were for vehicles from abroad. In 2022 the specified road sections were daily used by 38,882 unique vehicles over 3.5 tons on average. For the whole year the electronic toll system was used by 411,966 unique vehicles equipped with a registered on-board unit. This was 32,982 unique vehicles more than in 2021.

In 2022 mobile enforcement units dealt with 4,432 cases of violation of the Electronic Toll Collection Act on the specified road sections. Checked drivers had to pay tolls in the amount of €36,127. Slovak vehicle operators accounted for 18.8% of the amount collected.

For the previous year SkyToll recorded 244 justified submissions in terms of the electronic toll collection operation. They included 231 complaints, 11 requests and 2 suggestions. Also in 2022, as in the previous years of the comprehensive service of electronic toll collection, all received submissions were handled within 5 business days.

In 2022, the customer service line received a total of 52.8 thousand calls. The most frequently asked questions on the customer service line concerned fees and prices (24.5 thousand calls). The second most frequent were requests for the provision of general information on the electronic toll system (10.5 thousand calls) and the third position was held by requests for information concerning the return of on-board units and the settlement of outstanding amounts (9.7 thousand calls).

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